Airport Realty

What are the steps involved in selling a home?
Even if you've bought or sold a home before, this process can still be daunting. To help you better understand the many steps involved and how we work to tie them together.
  • Listing with your Airport Realty Sales Representative;
    Selling your home is more than just a financial decision. It is an emotional one. That's why it's so important to choose the right real estate representative - one who's not just a "salesperson," but one who cares about you and your needs.
  • Discuss Seller Representation with your Airport  Realty Sales Associate
  • Establish Price and Time Frame;
    The real estate market is constantly fluctuating, so pricing and timing is not an exact science. Rather, it is a reasonable figure derived from a number of different components, such as: The status of the current real estate market - The expertise and market knowledge of your real estate representative Lot size, size and condition of home. Location and special amenities, selling and listing prices of comparable homes. A sophisticated real estate marketing plan. Your level of motivation.
  • Develop and Implement a Marketing Strategy;
    Your Airport Realty sales associate will develop a marketing plan to create excitement and exposure for your home. There are a number of different vehicles available to market your home including: Local Advertising, National and International Advertising Relocation and Referral Services. The Internet Signage Multi-List Service
  • An offer is submitted to Airport Realty sales agent will notify you when an offer is being made on your house and will review the sales agreement with you.
  • The Negotiation Process Begins;
    Price is only one factor in the transaction, many other terms and conditions such as hand money deposit, possession, financing, inspections and more must be addressed. Your Airport Realty listing agent will be negotiating on your behalf to obtain the best price and terms for you.
  • The Offer is Accepted;
    Buyers Submit Loan Application Your Airport Realty listing agent will maintain contact with the selling agent and apprise you of its status of the buyers loan. The lender will send an appraiser to your home since a satisfactory appraisal is necessary for loan approval.
  • Home Inspections are Scheduled;
    A home inspection is a visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the home. Most buyers require a home inspection as part of their sales agreement. We recommend that our sellers have the property inspected at the time of listing so that there are no surprises prior to closing.
  • Loan is Approved
  • Coordinate All Activities Required for Closing;
    Your Airport Realty Sales Associate will be in close touch with the selling agent and the closing company to make sure that all necessary documents and exhibits are collected. The settlement company will complete a title search to insure there are no liens or claims to the property.
  • Review Closing Documents;
    Your Airport Realty Sales Agent will review the closing documents with you.
  • Finalize and Close Transaction;
    Buyer and Seller will attend settlement (closing) at a predetermined time and location. All closing documents are signed, title is conveyed to Buyer, and Seller receives proceeds (if applicable).